Database definition of NEM v.1 NIS server

For the community, Nem Japan created ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) documents of NEM v.1 in IE notation to encourage engineers to adopt Nem Technology.
In the documents, you will find data types, data lengths, and NOT NULL Constraints.
Please refer to the API guides to learn effective values such as VERSION and code value etc.

We hope these diagrams help developers when they research and analyze NEM v.1.

Understanding the diagrams.

Knowing that LOGICAL is a logical data model and that logical data models act in reverse from physical data models, then LOGICAL and physics must be the same.

PHYSICAL is a physical data models, so the table name and column name are labeled the same as they are in the NIS database.

The grayed out tables are described in a separate document.
The “ * “ at the top of the column stands for “NOT NULL”.
IDs are shown in each table as primary keys, although they may be in the 2nd column.
In the ER diagrams, we have placed all primary keys in the first column.

NEM NIS DB(ALL Downloads)

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